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Your essence, your flavour, your personality is unique to you.

You have your special flavour, and that is what makes you BRILLIANT!

Years ago I attended a seminar in the city, with a colleague of mine.

Throughout the whole time, I was wondering what was happening to me. Nothing was happening, and that’s what the problem was! I asked my friend, “I don’t know what is the matter with me, but this whole thing is not doing anything for me? I should be feeling something. Something should be happening, but nothing is happening!”

I remember clearly, walking out of the auditorium, something struck me. I had words coming up from within, buzzing in my head, words that changed the course of my thinking about ME. To this day I remember that incident. I am grateful that I chose to attend that seminar. My life has been changed by that small decision.

You see, years ago, I used to doubt myself a lot. I used to think that I may not be worthy, that I’m not smart. I used to compare myself a lot to others. I used to think less of myself, and put others on a pedestal.

I regret thinking like that, but that is in my past, I have moved on.

Have you ever experienced these kinds of negative thoughts about yourself? Are you experiencing them at this point of your life?

I’d like to remind you that you have special gifts, talents and abilities that are unique to YOU.

You are who you are and the way you are for a good reason. This world needs your flavour, your essence, your gifts.

Sometimes it is hard to pinpoint what is so different and unique about an individual – we just feel and recognise that they have the X-Factor. And so it is with YOU; you are unique, and you possess brilliance. Whether you believe it or not, you do possess brilliance!

Today, I encourage you to take a little TIME-OUT and reflect on the following questions. You may be pleasantly surprised at what will come out of it for you.

  • What is your X-Factor?
  • What makes you unique?
  • What do you believe is your brilliance?

I can just hear your self-talk saying; “X-Factor, you kidding me?!
Brilliance, are you joking?! Unique, really, how am I unique?!”

You better believe it! You are unique! You have X-Factor! You have brilliance!

To be unique and brilliant, doesn’t take to be Einstein or Oprah.

Your uniqueness and brilliance is nesting inside of you like a precious seed; waiting to be discovered, acknowledged and released.

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* Opening quote by: Jack Delosa
* Recommended reading: THE GIFT IN YOU – Dr. Caroline Leaf