Breakthrough Coaching Series


A coaching series usually consists of 12 one hour sessions, once a week. The first session is the ’GOAL SETTING SESSION’. At this session, you will have the opportunity to experience how coaching works, have a ‘taste’ of what benefits you would be receiving from taking on your own Personal Life Coach.
Coaching sessions can be facilitated face to face, over the telephone and Skype.

You may choose to have your sessions on fortnightly basis; this stretches the coaching journey to a 6 month period. If the sessions are conducted on a weekly basis, it is a 3 month journey. Most people choose the second option.

The Goal Setting Session is a really enjoyable event. It is a very relaxed, low key conversation between myself as coach and you as my guest, and is completely confidential. We don’t go into details at this point.

At the end of the conversation you will walk away with two or three inspiring goals; clarity on what you want to achieve in the next 3 to 6 months; confidence in yourself, empowered and inspired to start working on your very important goals.

Second session is the setting of the ‘STRATEGIES’ – the ‘HOW TO’ achieve your goals.

Already at this session we set some actions for your next one.

From session 2 to session 11 we work with the strategies, setting new actions each week, and ‘MONITORING’ how things are progressing.

Every week there will be actions to be completed. This is where discipline, self-drive and accountability will be tested. There will be close communication happening between myself as coach, and you as my valued client; mostly over email, some telephone conversations and SMS’s.

Every session is documented by me. You will be provided with your own work folder in which you’ll be keeping all your worksheets.

In my coaching I am big on recommending ‘tools’, IE: worksheets, books, CDs, Etc.

Worksheets are ‘tailor made’ by me, relevant to your situation and goals. At the end of the series, you will be presented with a graduation certificate and documented coaching feedback notes.

Session 12 is about wrapping up on the whole series; acknowledge and celebrate results, by your choice.

As part of the coaching series, I offer you 3, monthly FOLLOW UP CALLS, to check in and see how you are doing with your goals and newly-established habits. At these phone calls, I offer feedback and support if need be.

A coaching series is a great experience…and a wonderful journey…


  • Unleash your goals and dreams
  • Design a life that you will love
  • Achieve your goals and dreams
  • Opportunity for open conversation, sharing, learning, self-expression – Free to be YOU
  • Structured, confidential conversations
  • Safe, fun and relaxed environment
  • You will feel inspired and empowered, which will help you step out to achieve your goals
  • Time-Out for you – Doing something that is important to you
  • Discover and release your ‘inner power’
  • Find your purpose in life
  • Many aspects of your life will be enriched
  • You will grow leaps and bounds as an individual
  • You will gain confidence
  • Your coach will help you face and overcome fears, doubts and obstacles
  • You will have the opportunity to be heard and validated

12 Sessions – $1,987 – (inclusive of GST) – Flexible payment option available – 3 x $667

  • Session 1 – Establishing 2-3 inspiring goals
  • Session 2 – Strategy session
  • Sessions 3 – 11 – Working with the strategies, setting of actions, working with actions throughout the coaching journey
  • Session 12 – Completing on the series
  • Ongoing support is given throughout the series
  • Three follow-up calls